New soundbanks for the same synth are free if you purchased the previous one.
If you've changed e-mail addresses over the years and see a new soundbank for something you've already purchased all you have to do is sent an e-mail to support AT vstsoundbanks.com with your old e-mail address in the subject or a PayPal receipt and I'll sent you a link for the new one.

Date News
10-may-2008 New soundbank: Albino3. (100 presets)
18-dec-2007 Added a "Best of Vanguard" soundbank.
The three previous Vanguard soundbanks combined into one.

Added a "Best of Z3TA+" soundbank.
The three previous Z3ta+ soundbanks combined into one. Optimized for version 1.5.3.

6-dec-2007 New soundbank: Sylenth1 II.
1-Jun-2007 New soundbank: Sylenth1.
14-sep-2006 New soundbank: Z3TA+ III. (56 presets)
23-feb-2006 New soundbank: Vanguard III.
20-dec-2005 New soundbank: Z3TA+ II.
04-aug-2005 New soundbank: Z3TA+.
01-feb-2005 New soundbank: Vanguard II.
23-sep-2004 32 extra presets added to the FM7 Soundbank.
14-sep-2004 www.vstsoundbanks.com opened.
New soundbank: Vanguard.
New soundbank: FM7.

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